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    Topical Minerals

    Deep Sea Magnesium™ provides he most important mineral flowing through the Human Body, playing a MAJOR role in ALL of our vital life functions.

    Improving deficient magnesium levels is hands down the quickest way to look and feel YEARS younger.

    Powerful Skin Toner

    Ocean Mist™ provides Rare Deep Ocean Nutrients that Boost Skin Appearance & RESTORES your Youthful Look In Just Days, Reversing the Cause of Aging and Nourishing Your Skin - Bringing out a More Younger Looking You.

    Nighttime Anti Aging Skin Serum

    Pure Peptide™ is a powerfully nourishing antioxidant, amino acid nightly skin protecting anti aging serum SOLELY produced by Defy Labs™.

    Daytime Anti Aging Skin Serum

    Pure Sirtuin™ is a powerfully nourishing daily serum powered by "Youth Gene Activation. Pure Sirtuin is SOLELY produced by Defy Labs™.

    Muscle and Joint Relief

    Pure Relief™ is a powerful full body night cream that is formulated to ease pain and restore your aging muscles and joints. Pure Relief is SOLELY produced by Defy Labs™.

    Powerful Wearable Relief

    Fusion CIRCLE™ is NASA Inspired "Wearable" Technology That INSTANTLY Increases Circulation, Boosts Healing, And Significantly Reduces Pain In As Little As 15 Minutes.

    EMF Radiation Protection

    Fusion PROTECT™ is Military Inspired Technology that Slashes "Smart" Device Radiation After Just 7 Seconds of Use. Using cutting edge EMF technology, protect yourself and loved ones from "Smart" Device emitting Radiation.

    Intimacy Enhancer

    Red Ring MAGNUM™ is the only natural solution for increased blood flow to the penis in the world.

    This technology will make you feel Like You Did Decades Ago in the Bedroom.

    Drug Free Pain Relief

    Liquid Conolidine Is The First Conolidine Based Product In The World That Has Been Designed To Activate Your Bodies Natural Pain Killers, Allowing Prescription Grade Relief Without Inebriation, Side Effects or Risk Of Addiction. 

    Topical Pain Relief

    Conolidine FROST Is a Conolidine Based Roll-On That Has Been Designed For Transdermal Application. Conolidine FROST is designed to "roll-on" before and after any type of activity. It is the most aggressive topical Conolidine in the world. 

    Daily Metabolic Function Support

    Liponine™ was formulated to help support you in maintaining your individual and personal healthy weight. This product combines three heavy hitters in the metabolic world that have been shown to promote and assist with overall healthy glucose levels which may help support the maintenance of a healthy weight.

    Natural Testosterone

    PhytoTest™ is daily use plant based testosterone. It can be used in less than 60 Seconds and is formulated to support your natural Free Testosterone levels in minutes, with maximized results in just days.

    Natural Human Growth Factors

    Nutra IGF™ is daily use naturally occurring growth factors. It can be used in less than 60 Seconds and is formulated to mirror the results of Human Growth Hormone without the cost and side effects.

    Youth Gene Activation

    Sirtuin™ is formulated to activate your SIRT 1 "youth gene". Once activated, your body releases sirtuin proteins which nourish and heal your aging blood vessels.

    Male Sexual Support

    Androcyn™ is our most advanced sexual support formula to date. This fast acting formula goes to work in minutes maximzing your erection quality and lasts for hours.

    Brain Health Support

    Neurotol™ Is a highly concentrated sublingual Bacopa extract that is formulated to absorb quickly and help optimize, supercharge and protect your brain health

    Powerful Blood Pressure Support

    Carditrol™ is our most advanced blood pressure formula to date. Fast acting natural nitrates goes to work in minutes optimizing circulation & lowering blood pressure. Carditrol™ is fortified with powerful Vitamin D for heart tissue support.

    Vitamin D3 Support

    Cholamax™ is the most potent form of Vitamin D3 in the world. It is designed to be the most potent and absorb with more efficiency than any standard powder or pilled Vitamin D3

    Testosterone Support

    Juverin™ is the most advanced testosterone and male health support in the world. It is designed to be the most potent and absorb with more efficiency than any other natural testosterone support to date.
    Gabasom™ is a highly concentrated form of Valerian Root extract that is formulated to promote optimized sleep while easing anxiety and allowing you to fall asleep faster.
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    Individual results may vary depending on your diet, health and physical condition. Results shown are not typical and you may not get the same benefits. However, by taking the supplement and living a healthy lifestyle with proper diet and moderate exercise, you give yourself the best chance at staying healthy and fighting off premature aging and other illnesses.

    Research indicates that this product/ingredient may provide a health benefit. When the body is provided with healthy vitamins, minerals and enzymes, it is better equipped to keep you healthy. Individual results will vary and you should always consult with your doctor or health professional when taking any supplement or starting any health program.

    Endorser Disclaimer: Clint Winters is a scientist and nutraceutical inventor, not a medical doctor. Nothing he says should be construed as medical advice. Any personal health questions should be directed to your personal physician. Mr. Winters is not compensated on the sale of products but compensated for use of his various nutraceutical ingredient manufacturing patents.

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